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Our firm - part of IBS Marine Group - become a leading full service law firm in the Republic of Panama equipped by lawyers and back office staff with over 20 years of experience

The success of our firm is built upon the professional integrity of its members, the personalized relationship between our lawyers and clients, and by responding to the clients´ needs promptly and effectively, while providing them with the highest standards of legal expertise.


Our firm has gained recognition for being very proactive in obtaining positive results for our clients expeditiously in its full line of legal services. 

Expertise and passion are the qualities that best represent the spirit with which we operate, and the service we offer our clients daily in our twenty years of experience mainly in the maritime industry.

Our scope is to satisfy our clients’ needs efficiently and with the discretion required by the maritime sector.

We could easily do our job though phone lines or emails, but we are ready to reach our clients everywhere. We are proud to offer a high quality consultancy, with solutions tailored for each individual client or company.

 - Marine Legal Services Genoa

The main characteristics of our work is the full support to our clients and we deem a satisfied client as only evidence of our good job.

We accomplish this  through the IBS Marine Group Team of marine surveyor and auditors which include experienced engineers, captains, qualified ISM & ISPS Auditors, accredited Panama Flag State inspectors.

We work with the most highly-regarded professionals in the maritime industry, both on a national and international level (Panama but also Bahamas, Belize, Jamaica, Cyprus, Malta, Marshall Islands, St. Vincent & the Grenadines and United Kingdom) and are able to guarantee the best assistance possible in the administration, negotiation, purchase, sale and rental of any type of vessel (Bulk, Tankers, Ro-Ro, Pax, Ro-Ro-Pax, Container Ships, Supply vessels, Tugs, Offshore Units, Fishing vessels, Yachts etc.) in all branches of the maritime industry to include financial and eventual technical advice.


We offer consultation and provides solutions in the following areas amongst others:  

Registration of Vessels (under most jurisdictions) 

Reservation vessel name

Mortgage Registration & Deletion 

Loan Agreement Registration  

Special Authorisations 

STCW Crew Certificates 

ISM Code Audits 

ISPS Code Audits (ISSC) and CSR 

Flag State Authorisation 

Conditionals Letters 

ISM & Exemptions Certificates 

Bunkers (CLC)

Annual Taxes payments

Minumum Safe Manning Certificate

DPA, COMPANY & SSO Declaration

MLC 2006 

Casualty investigation

Researchs: Vessels and Companies


Certifications and Advice for vessels and companies on:

Deletion from Ship Registry

Ownership Title Registration

Consent for Sale

Tax Clearance

Free from Encumbrances Certification

Provisional Deletion

Good Standing

Existence of Record

Dual Consent Registration (Bareboat Charter Registration)


Counseling in Ship Sales and financial transactions, Bills of Lading, Voyage and Time Charterparty contracts, Towage contracts, and Salvage contracts.


Our services are comprehensive and will guide the owners from the early stages on cost comparison between registries, through the requirements, preparation of forms and lodging them through the Consulates, Registries and Shipping Departments to obtaining the Registration Documents.



Ship Arrest in Panamanian waters and in transit through the Panama Canal 
Maritime insurance
Collisions and salvage

Claims before the Panama Canal Authority Filing of appeals against fines imposed by the Panama Maritime Authority to any Panamanian Flagged vessel.

 - Marine Legal Services Genoa

Our firm - as part of IBS Marine Group - is fully competent in the incorporation, organization, administration and operation of offshore companies in a diversity of worldwide jurisdictions such as Panama, British Virgin Islands, Belize, Jamaica, St. Kitts & Nevis, Cayman Islands, Marshall Islands, Barbados and Mauritius (also Dubai, Hong Kong, Malta, U.S.A, United Kingdom and Singapore)

In addition, we provide counseling and creation of the following legal vehicles and structures which are useful for estate planning, asset protection and minimization or deferral of tax liability:

  • Private Interest Foundations
  • Limited Liability Companies
  • Trusts
  • Wills

Besides from organizing and forming offshore corporations and a diversity of other legal structures, the firm provides bank introduction services to set up offshore bank accounts in any local bank in Panama.

 - Marine Legal Services Genoa

 - Marine Legal Services Genoa

Panama Ship Registry offers many advantages of considerable interests to shipowners who wish to register their vessels under PANAMA flag.



The following are some of the advantages that PANAMA Registry offers:

No nationality restrictions to individuals or corporations.
No minimum tonnage required.
No re inspection required upon vessels of shipowners who wish to transfer the same to Panamanian flag, provided they carry valid safety and tonnage certificates issued by a recognized classification society. 

The registration procedure of a vessel under Panamanian flag is very simple and of swift expedition.
Dual Registration for Bareboat Charter
Special Registration for Delivery or Demolition. 

Commercial operations carried out by Panama flagged vessels engaged in international trade are exempted from local income tax.

Mobile offshore Drilling Units (MODUS) operators and owners are entitled to competitive registration fees and exempted of any additional fees for the following 2 years after enrollment.

Marine Legal Services Genoa

Panama Seafarer's, Crew Dispensations, Panama Publications & Others For any question related PLEASE CONTACT PANAMA SERVICES (PANMAR)

Marine Legal Services Genoa

Marine Legal Services Genoa

Marine Legal Services Genoa



ANNUAL SAFETY INSPECTION - Marine Legal Services Genoa

Annual Safety Inspection (ASI) & Inspections for vessels older than 20 years. IMD - part of IBS Marine Group (PANMAR) - coordinates Panama Flag State Inspections which are mandatory for vessels sailing under Panamanian flag in foreign service and international commerce. Annual Safety Inspections (ASI) inspections are conducted to ensure that vessels comply with National and International Laws and Regulations in force. This service can be provided by our strong network of qualified marine experts in some of the most strategically ports. For any question related PLEASE CONTACT PANAMA SERVICES (PANMAR)

ANNUAL SAFETY INSPECTION - Marine Legal Services Genoa


ANNUAL SAFETY INSPECTION - Marine Legal Services Genoa

Isthmus Training Institute (ITI), part of IBS Group, was founded to fulfill the training requirements of the STCW 1995 convention and is a company at the service of the International Maritime Community. ITI is a Recognized Training Center authorized to conduct STCW courses under the PANAMA MARITIME AUTHORITY - Flag State Administration (ISO 9001 Certified company) For any question related PLEASE CONTACT PANAMA SERVICES (PANMAR)

ANNUAL SAFETY INSPECTION - Marine Legal Services Genoa

Crewing & Manning agency duly authorized by PANAMA MARITIME AUTHORITY - part of IBS Group - providing personnel recruitment and employment for the maritime sector. Crew members of all nationalities upon request. PANPACIFIC grants a strict selection of those individuals with the necessary qualities.

ANNUAL SAFETY INSPECTION - Marine Legal Services Genoa

MR SERVICES INC. Radio Accounting Authority - part of IBS Group - duly recognized by the International Telecommunication Union and accredited by PANAMA MARITIME AUTHORITY and by the most important Maritime Administrations of the world.

IBS Marine Group

IBS Marine Group - Marine Legal Services Genoa


IBS Marine Group - Marine Legal Services Genoa


IBS Marine Group - Marine Legal Services Genoa


IBS Marine Group - Marine Legal Services Genoa